LUNE is a experiential haiku, a short poem dedicated to the exploration of the new medium of VR.

You can touch and play; poke and prod; dance, move, caress, or simply meditate as you build yourself a pillow fort made from stars, in the company of the quiet moon.

$2.99 on Steam


"Half way through this I crouched to the floor and burst out in tears. We are so lucky to have VR."

"L U N E is quite possibly the most pleasant place I've ever been. It's absolutely one of the best things you can do in VR in under ten minutes. Everyone with a VR headset should buy it, just to show off to people."

"I came to this with a ready-for-anything attitude, satisfied from a long productive weekend; 20 minutes later, my wife and kids asleep for the night well beforehand, I was a sobbing mess, muttering to myself alone in the bathroom mirror in disbelief at how squarely this dev hit a certain emotional nail on the head: the tritone nail of Beauty, Awe, and Boundless Love."