10 Cool Designer Square iPhone Cases You Should Get


Traditionally, phone cases were designed plainly, solely to protect the phone. In modern times, however, phone cases are more of a fashion and beauty trend. This trend has led to a rise in highly decorated designer phone cases, some of which are as expensive as designer clothing.

Like android users, the iphone square case have also evolved and increased in popularity due to the increase in iPhone users. The designer square iPhone cases have perhaps become a luxury accessory worth all the money. Overall, it gives a sophisticated and stylish look, sometimes complementing the outfit.

Branded Square iPhone Cases for You

Here are several designer iPhone cases you might want to add to your accessory wardrobe.

1. Balenciaga Square Case

The Balenciaga square iPhone case is a simple go-to everyday accessory look. It is an all-white phone case with a gold touch of Balenciaga writing in bold uppercase letters. Since white complements almost all outfits, it is an excellent investment as it will always blend in no matter the occasion.

2. Givenchy iPhone Square Case

The Givenchy case has a soft black leather color, giving it a vintage look. It has an additional padlock accessory which is removable. Because it is a designer, it is also name-branded and is not an over-the-top iPhone case.

3. Prada iPhone Case

The neutral pink color in the Prada iPhone case is just the touch accessories needed. It has the iconic triangular branded name on the back, with a touch of gold frames on the sides. It is girly yet masculine and can easily blend in with other accessories.

4. Fendi iPhone Case

Fendi always has a brownish antique look to all its designer items. The iPhone square case is no different as it has a brown appearance and a branded letter F all over the cover. However, this case has additional space for credit cards and other small flat items. Hence, it is both stylish and spacious for your small items.

5. Saint Laurent Designer Square iPhone Case

Saint Laurent phone case is designed with a cheetah print, making it more distinctive than other designer cases.

6. Dolce & Gabbana Phone Case

The iPhone case is made up of leather material with floral thread patterns throughout the whole phone case. The middle part contains a gold, floral love pattern, which adds spice to the fashion accessory. It has a modern yet traditional iPhone case look.

7. Rimowa

This iPhone case is a modern suitcase look with a neutral green color. The material is close to plastic but very flexible. It has patterned lines running through the square case.

8. Tom Ford

The Tom Ford phone case has a simple look that makes a statement. The design is vintage dark brown with a small branded name at the bottom. Additionally, this case can also blend in well with darker accessories and outfits.

9. Emilio Pucci

This iPhone case has an artistic look, merging green, yellow, and white colors in a pattern. The brand name is written in cursive, which adds to the creative vibe.

10. Rosantica

The Rosantica case is white and is topped off with gold-chained pearl bracelets at the end. It gives it a classy modern vibe.


Getting a square iPhone case should not be a phone protection formality. You might as well look fashionable while at it. Designer cases are naturally more durable and stylish than normal ones and are a good investment, no matter the high prices.


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