An Expert Guide on Taking Care of Rose in Glass Globe


When it comes to gifting different people on various occasions, the gift that dominates the world now is roses. No one would resist the enticing fragrance and colorful appearance of roses. Roses are an excellent way of decorating a space and giving it vibrancy. Bouquet of roses have become common, and most people are looking for more innovative ways of displaying roses rather than just putting them in a vase. A rose in glass ball décor is a thoughtful and unique gift. The essence of a rose in glass globe is for preservation purposes. Roses in vases may wither faster; thus, there is a need to employ other preservation techniques and retain the rose’s decorative function.

Taking Care of a Rose in Water Globe

People who love décor always have a way of maintaining them so that their beautiful appearance lasts for a long time. The same case applies to roses. One cannot refer to a globe with a withered rose as a décor anymore. An individual must employ proper maintenance tips to ensure that the rose always brings serenity to a space. Follow these simple steps in caring for your rose in glass globe.

Action 1: Removing the rose out of the water globe

The first step involves lifting the globe from its base, allowing easy access to the rose. Be gentle when lifting the globe so that it doesn’t bang on anything, to prevent breaking. Slowly remove the rose from the globe’s dome and put it in a bowl with ice-cold water. Clean the rose by gently ruffing your fingers on its petals. A soft brush or cloth can also help wash the rose floret’s stem. If an individual decides to use mild soap to clean the flower’s stem, they must rinse off all the soap residue before proceeding to the next step.

Action 2: Draining the water

With the rose clean and free of dust and debris, put the rose aside on a surface and drain the dirty water. Drain the water in the globe before adding fresh water and preservatives. Before adding fresh and clean water to the glass globe, wash it with soap and a soft dishwasher, preferably a sponge. Once one removes all the dirt in the globe, rinse it with clean water and add fresh water.

Action 3: Rinsing the flower

At this step, one should have washed the rose flower just once. It is necessary to rinse the rose again with clean water and remove any soap residue on the flower’s leaves and stems. Change the water two to three times while ensuring thorough floret rinsing. Proper rinsing of the rose minimizes the rotting risk during the drying process.

Action 4: Drying the rose flower

The last step, drying the rose flower, is as essential as the other prior steps. The drying advisable in this step is air drying. With the floret on a cotton or paper towel that can absorb excess water, leave for about 48 hours until all the water droplets dry. Avoid drying in areas with sun or excess heat. When the rose is dry, one can add necessary preservatives to the water in the globe, put back the rose, and put the water globe back in its place.


A rose is as vital as the amount of time the owner spends on it. Taking care of a rose in glass globe is a simple task but requires dedication simultaneously. With necessary care tips, the rose flower in the water globe can last longer than you could ever expect. The life expectancy of the rose depends on the type of rose and how often one changes the water in the globe.


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