Volleyball Elbow Pads – Benefits & Choosing the Right Pads


Elbow pads are essential gear for volleyball players.  Volleyball is a high-action, team sport requiring a lot of athleticism. Success in the sport requires players to practice at a high level and ensure they maintain their shape. Having the right gear is also an essential part of the process. Just like knee pads, you will need elbow pads for additional protection when playing or practicing.

Elbow pads may not be essential in most leagues, but they do make a difference in terms of preventing discomfort and injuries. Find out what their importance is and how to choose the right one.

What are Volleyball Elbow Pads?

Elbow pads are padded or non-padded sleeves that slide over the arm and provide cushioning to your elbows. It is beneficial in protecting the elbows especially when you dive or hit the ground. Liberos and back row players will need it more.

Based on the type of elbow pad, these sports gear can provide different benefits. This includes:

  • Impact resistance to the elbow
  • Scrape protection to the arm
  • Keeping the elbows in place when passing

Benefits of Volleyball Elbow Pads

As mentioned above, volleyball elbow pads are typically worn by defensive players. Liberoes and those in the back line spend more of their time on the floor as compared to outside hitters and blockers. Digs and saves require players to sprawl the entire length of the court. Your elbows will have to absorb the shocks caused by the action. Wearing elbow pads helps in minimizing the shock on your elbows and arms.

Some of the different benefits of using elbow pads are as follows:


Elbow pads cannot reduce the heavy punishment that your arms and elbows have to take during the sprawling and sliding. What they can do is help reduce the physical impact by offering much-needed cushioning.

Reducing Pain

This piece of gear helps in reducing pain caused by muscle tension. They help free your elbow from any unnecessary movement, reducing the stress on the muscles. This helps the elbows to recover.

Preventing Chronic Injury

Volleyball, like many other sports, involves repetitive actions. It also creates an overload on certain body parts. Both these conditions are perfect for creating chronic injury in the short and long term. When you wear elbow pads, it helps in preventing these problems.

Choosing the Right Volleyball Elbow Pads

There are different types of volleyball elbow pads. This includes elbow sleeves, full arm sleeves, and padded elbow pads. When choosing the right pads, consider the following points:

  • Whether you have an existing elbow injury
  • How do you intend to use them?
  • How much portion of your arms do you need covered?
  • What is your budget?
  • Your color preferences

These elbow pads are made of different types of materials. Material is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing them. The options include foam, nylon, rubber, polyester, spandex, and chiffon.

So, consider all these points when getting a pair of volleyball elbow pads for yourself. These accessories can help protect your elbows and arms, reduce the shock on your shoulders, and provide more comfort when you are playing.


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