Key Features Of Pressure Washers You Need To Know


If you have got a lot of stuff to clean like your car, garage, home, dicks, or driveways, then you might be thinking about getting a pressure washer. The pressure washer is one of the easiest and quickest ways to do a lot of your daily routine washing and cleaning.

Since the invention of the pressure washer, the quality and features are of this tool are continuously developing. Now, if you are into the market collection of washers, you’ll get everything from conventional to advanced products.

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Before purchasing a pressure washer, there is a lot of key factors that will help you to make a better decision. Few are described below.

Let’s have a quick look!

1. Pressure Washer Type

The type of pressure washer is based on its power source. In general, three different power sources are being used for the working of pressure washers: electric, petroleum, & gas. The electric washers are easy to use with a lot of convenient features and less noise production.

Petroleum & gas washers are highly recommended for high-intensity work & commercial levels with greater noise production. Select the type based on your preference & needs.

2. HP (Horse Power)

HP is the amount of power produced by the engine. This factor is important because it determines the washer’s pressure generating amount. Petroleum/gas pressure washer has much more HP value in comparison with electric.

3. PSI (Pounds/Square Inch)

The amount of pressure produced by the pressure washer is called PSI. In pressure washers, pressure is the only thing that determines the cleaning level. PSI usually ranges from 1899 to 3100.

4. GPM (Gallon Per Minute)

The GPM is directly proportional to the PSI value. The light-duty washer has up to ½ -2 GMI, while the commercial washers have up to 4 GMI readings.

5. Power Nozzle 

The pressure washer generally comes up with a complete set of nozzles with which you can set the pressure of the washer. The nozzles vary in their colors based on a price range from red (powerful) to black (minimum pressure). Check that the product you are purchasing contains this set, and if not, you can buy one separately.

6. Detergent Tanks

Based on the household application, some additional features are now available in pressure washers, and one of them is a detergent tank. The presence of this tank is optional. If you are buying a washer for your home, these tanks are quite helpful for cleaning furniture, tiles, rugs, and other things.

7. Other Features

There are many features in washers that have no effect on their performance, but they can provide us ease of use. These features include the hose/cord length, weight, maintenance tools, wheels, extension wands, and many more. Make sure to select a pressure washer with many convenient features.

Final Verdict

Nowadays, the gear market is providing huge product variations. The purchase is now much more difficult than ever before. It can be easier and more joyful if you will get what you are looking for.

Here is a list of pressure washer features that can help you to get a quality product within your budget.


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